About Us

Deep Cleaning India is based in Mumbai and has been serving in all localities of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane businesses for over 3 years. providing professional pest control services, sanitation services and cleaning services. We have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners that primarily provide pest control services, sanitization services and cleaning services for residential, commercial, offices, schools, education facilities, child care centres, medical centres, gyms and sporting complexes.

The team at Deep Cleaning India regularly caters to the services and needs of many businesses around Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, both large and small organization. We understand that hiring your own staff can be very expensive for sole operators and small- to medium-sized businesses by way of having to pay wages, medical insurance or even transport costs.

Our mission here at Deep Cleaning India is to provide  businesses with cost-effective cleaning solutions like pest control services, sanitizing services and cleaning services. Our staff are highly skilled, reliable, honest and police-checked, ensuring that you are dealing with a reputable cleaning company offering one of the best pest control services, sanitization services and cleaning services.

Cleaning Services