Cleaning and hygiene tips to protect against COVID-19

Cleaning and hygiene tips to protect against COVID-19

Cleaning your home or office used to be a relatively straightforward task. Now with the spread of COVID-19 and the potential risks that it poses to the general populace, extra precautions must be taken to halt its proliferation. 

These precautions are especially important if you run a consumer-facing business with employees and customers interacting in confined spaces, such as small retail stores, supermarkets and cafes. After all, their safety is paramount and as a business owner, it’s your job to ensure proper hygiene for coronavirus in the work setting.

But simply going through the motions when it comes to cleaning your home or office just isn’t good enough. That’s because it’s possible that the virus exists on common everyday surfaces from anywhere between a few hours to a few days. This makes personal cleanliness and disinfection services all the more vital in protecting your family, customers and your staff members. 

In this article, we here at Deep Cleaning India Pest Control Services provide you with cleaning and hygiene tips that will not only keep your property free of pests, they’ll also help you reduce the spread of COVID-19. Before we begin though, let’s discuss how the novel coronavirus is thought to be transmitted.

How does COVID-19 spread?

While it cannot be confirmed, COVID-19 is thought to spread from person to person via respiratory droplets produced when a person infected by the virus talks, coughs or sneezes. 

If these droplets land anywhere on the face but more specifically near the nose or mouth of another person, there’s a chance it can be inhaled into that person or persons’ lungs.

As we mentioned earlier, the virus can also remain on surfaces and survive for varying periods of time once it has been dispelled via a cough or sneeze from an infected individual. Cardboard, for example, has the potential to incubate the virus for up to 24 hours, with stainless steel and plastic surfaces keeping the virus active for up to three days. 

COVID-19 spreads easily and many people may not even be aware that they’ve been infected. This is the main reason why everyone must uphold proper hygiene and cleanliness while at home, at work or in public.

Guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 infections

The best hygiene and cleanliness tips for the prevention of COVID-19 are as follows.

Social distancing

Since respiratory droplets from the COVID-19 virus can travel approximately 2 metres by air when someone talks, coughs or sneezes, it’s vital that you stay outside of this range. 

Social distancing is a fundamental hygiene practice for coronavirus. By also wearing a mask when you go out, you can lower your risk of being infected or infecting someone else, thereby protecting those in your community.

Personal hygiene

Pay attention to personal hygiene. While we don’t have any definitive proof as of yet, it’s thought that the novel coronavirus can spread from person to person or from surface to person.

This means maintaining good personal cleanliness is paramount to keeping safe. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, don’t touch your face, use the crook of your elbow when coughing or sneezing and stay home if you’re feeling ill.

External disinfection

We’ve already discussed the ability of the COVID-19 virus to persist on certain surfaces for up to a few days. The good news here is that when it comes to hygiene cleaning we can help you disinfect external spaces and outdoor areas using a unique, safe and eco-friendly formula. 

Developed to provide broad-spectrum protection, our disinfectant spray is a powerful preventative measure in the fight against the spread of the virus. As opposed to simply cleaning an external area to wipe away bacteria, our disinfection treatment actually eliminates germs altogether. Get in touch if you would like a quote on external disinfection for your home or office. 

Routine cleaning

Routine cleaning is the practice of cleaning your office, home or facility on a daily basis. By undertaking routine cleaning, surfaces that are frequently touched such as door handles, handrails and taps are kept clean and virus free. Of course, some surfaces should be cleaned or disinfected more often than others. For a tailored routine cleaning and disinfection treatment assessment, Deep Cleaning India Pest Control Services is happy to help. 

Cleaning for households

It’s believed that the COVID-19 virus can enter your household either through an infected person or on the surface of goods or items that have been contaminated and then brought inside. For this reason, it’s a great idea to ensure your home is kept clean. Professional disinfection solutions are the fastest and most effective way to eliminate harmful germs, however, ongoing cleaning and general tidying can also minimise the virus’s chances of spreading within the house.

As always, our goal is to help home and office owners just like you operate in safer, cleaner and healthier environments. Please feel free to contact us directly for a free quote or for more information about our recommended personal hygiene and cleanliness practices

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